How do you stop a flat roof from leaking?

Flat roofing can be prone to more leaks than a pitched roof, but that is why inspections and maintenance are so important.

When Your Flat Roof is Leaking

Do you own a commercial building? Do you know the condition of your flat roof? Most commercial buildings will have a flat or low-sloping roof. This is done to accommodate things like A/C units, heating vents, gas stacks, and more. Structurally, a flat roof needs to do the same things as a residential roof: protect the building from the elements. Many people are fearful of a flat roof because of the horror stories with leaks, damages, and repairs. But there are many incredible benefits to a flat roof that can make it much more advantageous than you have been led to believe. When you want to discuss flat roofs in Austin, TX, contact the best roofing company in the area. Direct Roofing Inc has years of experience as well as the dedication to provide quality and reliable flat roofing to your building. Call us today at (512) 900-4655 for more information.

A flat roof can last decades when regularly maintained.

Flat Roof Benefits

For commercial (and even residential) there are many great advantages to a flat roof. Flat roofing is not as questionable as many may believe it is. Even when you need a water leak repair, with the right team those repairs can easily be addressed. A flat roof provides multiple advantages such as:

  • Low cost: Flat roofs are widely desired because of their low cost. The cost of installation, maintenance, and repairs are incredibly lower in comparison to sloped or pitched roofing.
  • Easy maintenance: Maintenance is considered to be relatively easy because of the easy access to a flat roof. It’s not just the easy access either. Flat roofs are easier to walk or stand on, which makes them easier to inspect and repair.
  • Green options: One of the most well-liked features of a flat roof is the architectural capabilities. It can easily be converted a flat roof to a green roof, making your building more eco-friendly while gaining getting tax benefits.
  • Durability: Flat roofs, when well maintained, can actually be incredibly durable. With the right material, your roof can be impact resistant, waterproof, and able to withstand exposure to grease, oil, and smoke.
  • Longevity: When well maintained, flat roofs are not just durable, they are also long-lasting. Materials like EPDM can last several decades back to back and modified bitumen is known to last for quite some time.

With a flat roof, the possibilities really are endless, depending on what your needs are and what will work best with your building. The number one thing to stress with a Flat roof, or any roof for that matter, is regular maintenance. When you have regularly scheduled inspections and repairs, your flat roof can last much longer than you’d think. Always make sure that you are working with reputable flat roof contractors when scheduling maintenance. Even one mistake with a flat roof can lead to serious, costly damages. Rely on Direct Roofing Inc for any and all flat roof services in Austin, TX.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do flat roofs leak more?
    • It’s not the flat roofs leak more, it’s that they are less able to drain water. So when large quantities of rain pour onto your roof, it can result in water damage if there is not proper drainage included in a flat roof installation.
  • Why does a flat roof leak?
    • There can be many causes for a flat roof leak, but one of the more obvious answers is outdated roofing material. The older the material, the less effective it will be at protecting your building from water damage.
  • What is the best covering for a flat roof?
    • Options like torch on felt, EPDM, or single-ply membranes are considered some of the best options for flat roof coverings.
  • What’s the best flat roof material?
    • Generally speaking, most roofing companies, ours included, will explain that EPDM is one of, if not the best, roofing material for a flat roof building.
  • How do you waterproof a flat roof?
    • Perhaps the best way to waterproof a flat roof is with an even layer of elastomeric coating. The closed-cell material will harden, creating a seamless and waterproof surface for your flat roof.
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Flat roofing is a typical buzz word for many commercial building owners. The scary stories about excess damage and costly replacements have scared many people away from investing in commercial buildings. But the reality is, flat roofing is very advantageous. There are many cost-friendly benefits to a flat roof, some of which can even provide tax benefits. And the true reliability of a flat roof comes down to the installation and maintenance. Without a proper installation and consistent maintenance, you are bound to find yourself in one of those horror stories. That is why when you want a reliable flat roof in Austin, TX, look no further than Direct Roofing Inc. We are the leading, expert team of roofs and contractors for commercial roofing. Connect with us at (512) 900-4655 for more information and to schedule an appointment today!