Roof Coatings in Austin, TX

A roof coating is very similar to a single ply membrane. While both are made of rubber modifiers, single ply roofs are thick enough to be able to stand alone as a roofing system. A rubber roof coating only acts as a protectant and restorative top layer to further enhance and strengthen the bottom layer. There are many different types of roof coatings, with some even designed to target special kinds of roofs. Contact Direct Roofing Inc at (512) 900-4655 for our roof coating services in Austin, TX today.

Commercial Roof Coating Types

No matter what type of roof coating you get, you can expect anywhere from 10 to 30 years of additional protection to your roof. Roof coatings are unique in that they are restorative, actually helping to extend the life of roofs they are applied to by sealing any cracks and repairing them. The reflective coating is also energy efficient and recyclable, making it a green roofing system.

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Metal Roof Coatings Help Prevent Rusting and Can Come in Clear or Colored Coatings

Flat Roof Coating: A roof coating is always recommended for any type of flat roof. Flat roofs are more prone to damages than sloped roofs as the flat surface is entirely exposed. Sun and rain beat down on this type of roofing, and often result in ponding water that leaks through to the inside of the building. By getting a roof coating applied over your flat roof, you have a seamless, waterproof, and reflective sealant as an additional layer over your existing roof to add another level of security and shelter.

Reflective Roof Coating: The rubber and polymer modifiers and additives that make up a roof coating are extremely reflective. This makes for highly energy efficient roof coating systems. With the roof coating reflecting the harsh UV rays of the sun, the flat roof will not age as quickly from sun damage. Your commercial building will also feel cooler as there is no absorbed and trapped heat in the roof, helping to lower your energy bills.

Metal Roof Coating: Roofing contractors will also highly recommend that you get a metal roofing coating applied over your metal roof as an extra layer of protection. To prevent the process of your metal roofing from naturally corroding with time, you can get a restorative coating painted on top of it. While aluminum roofs naturally do not corrode, they do show damage like wear, so getting a metal roof coating is still recommended for a more pleasing appearance. Metal roof coatings are also available in colors instead of the original clear spray for those who don’t prefer the sparkling silver roof looks.

Silicone Roofing

Silicone Roof Coating

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Roof Coating Installation Can Be Painted or Sprayed On

While most roof coatings are made with a water base, a silicone roof coating is made with a silicone base. Since silicone thrives off of humidity, silicone roof coatings are often found on roofs in hot and muggy climates. This allows silicone roof coatings to have an advantage over water-based coatings. A silicone roof coating can be applied in any weather or temperature, unlike water-based roof coatings that have to be applied in above-freezing temperatures on tepid days.

Silicone Roofing Pros and Cons

The silicone base makes walking on roofs very slippery, so extra precaution is needed to avoid injuries. Silicone roof coatings age extremely well and their reflective coatings can help reduce energy bills by up to 35%. Because silicone roof coatings are so durable, they have difficulties adhering to roofs. When it comes time for a recoat, you cannot apply another layer on top of the existing silicone roof coating like you can with other roof coatings. Instead, you must either remove the previous coating or finish a perfectly compatible sealant to apply on top of it. For any questions regarding silicone roof coating installation in Austin, TX, feel free to contact the roofers at Direct Roofing Inc at (512) 900-4655.

Elastomeric Roofing

Elastomeric Roof

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Roof Coatings Are Recommended For All Commercial and Industrial Roofs

The most popular water-based roof coating is an elastomeric roof coating. It too can be applied in any weather, climate, or temperature which is why it is so widely used. Its adaptability comes from its stretchy and strong membrane, which can be made out of four different bases including silicone! Each type of elastomeric roof coating is seamless, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. They are all also fungi and water resistant. Elastomeric commercial roof coatings need to be reapplied every 10 years, and can be recoated on top of itself to help reduce roof replacement fees. Direct Roofing Inc can apply an elastomeric roof coating in Austin, TX when you call us at (512) 900-4655.

Types of Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Unlike other roof coatings that strictly only come in one make, elastomeric roof coatings can be made 4 different ways. Slight variations in bases allows for the coating to adhere to different roofing systems differently. An elastomeric roof made out of silicone goes best with foam roofs. Similar to how foam expands to cover every crevice on a roof, an elastomeric roof coating does the same thing. The elastic base that makes up an elastomeric roof coating is very similar to a single ply EPDM roof coating. Therefore, elastomeric roof coatings blend seamlessly with all single ply roofing types, especially EPDM rubber roof coating. An elastomeric roof made out of butyl, acrylic, polyurethane goes great on flat roofs like built up, modified bitumen, metal, or asphalt shingles. This is because these base materials are slightly thicker than silicone or EPDM based elastomeric coatings, so they would best cover already heavy or thick flat roofing systems.

Get A Roof Coating Today

Roof coatings are extremely affordable, with installation prices only costing about as much as a large-scale repair job would charge. One application every 10 to 30 years is the only maintenance required with a roof coating! The benefits far outweigh the negatives with these restorative sealants. Roof coatings extend the life of roofs, prevent future damages from occurring, and increase reflectivity to lower energy bills. Only positives will come from getting Austin, TX roof coating installation. Phone (512) 900-4655 and set up an appointment for application with the roofers at Direct Roofing Inc today.