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If your commercial roof is looking a little worse for wear, it is time for a replacement. Damages from the sun, weather, foot traffic, and HVAC units cause your roof to age faster as its materials wear down, making you need replacements sooner. Save money from the constant calls for repairs by upgrading to a better and more durable roof with our commercial roof installation and replacement services. If you are needing commercial roof installation in Austin, TX, contact the commercial and industrial roofing contractors at Direct Roofing Inc at (512) 900-4655 today.

Commercial and Industrial Roofing Services

Typical commercial roofing systems are commercial metal roofing and a single ply roofing system. These are durable yet lightweight roofing options, but metal can oftentimes only be installed on sloped roofs. If you have a flat commercial roof, options available for you include built up, modified bitumen, green and cool, and single ply roofing. The biggest issue flat roofs face are water and sun damage, and all of the before mentioned options provide resistance to the elements.

  • Metal Roof Installation Metal roofs can last 60 years on commercial and industrial buildings and require little maintenance.
  • Single Ply Roofing If you have a flat roof and are wanting to save on your energy bill, opt for a single ply roof!
  • Foam Roofing Foam roofs are great insulators and reflectors, helping to keep and release heat in proper seasons to result in great energy savings.

Cool Roofing

Cool Roofing Systems

Cool roofing systems are roofs that are highly reflective and environmentally friendly. Where instead of storing heat from the sun and causing the roofing system to boil and release chemicals into the air, instead the rays are reflected to prevent greenhouse gas emissions from occurring. Not only does this help to reduce energy and your electricity bills, but also helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Cool roofs can come in many different forms, from metal and single ply to green roofs, which involve having live vegetation on your roof to absorb sunlight. If you are interested in getting cool commercial roof installation in Austin, TX, call Direct Roofing Inc at (512) 900-4655 today.

Green Roof Benefits

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Green and Cool Roofs Are Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options

A green roof system employs the use of real plants that sit on top of a single ply membrane to help cool the building. There are many benefits to getting green roof construction, besides from the aesthetic and cooling factors. Flat roofs are prone to leaks because there is nowhere for the water to drain off of and it just sits there and pools through the roof. With plants on top of the roof, water will be absorbed by the soil to feed the vegetation, therefore preventing any water being able to pool on the roof and potentially create leaks.

Having all the vegetation on the roof will also help to reduce noise and air pollution. The plants and soil will absorb and block sound, deflecting it away from the building. This is extremely beneficial for buildings in busy cities, and why green roofs are popular in downtown areas. Plants also absorb carbon dioxide and other airborne pollutants and release fresh oxygen, helping to clean the air of harmful emissions.

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen Roof System

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Modified Bitumen Can Adhere To Raised Areas on Roofs

Modified bitumen has been validated to be a durable roofing system, which is why it is still used today despite being invented years ago. Melted asphalt and rubber are what make up modified bitumen, and this liquid gets painted onto a roof to dry and form a lean yet thick membrane. Denser than single ply roofs, the tar that forms the nature of thick built up roofing systems help gives modified bitumen roofing its girth. Modified bitumen is a liquid, allowing the roofing system seal every hole and cover vents and chimneys and pipes on roofs that other flat roof materials cannot do besides spray foam roofing. Your Austin, TX modified bitumen commercial roofing will endure 20 years when correctly installed. Direct Roofing Inc can install this lightweight yet durable roofing when you contact us at (512) 900-4655 to book an appointment.

Built Up Roofing

Built Up Roof System

As one of the most popular commercial roofing systems, chances are, you have seen a built up roof. Schools, government buildings, offices, shopping malls, restaurants, and industrial buildings often have built up roofs. This is because a built up roofing system is cheap and can support heavy weights. This makes it great for rooftop decks and patios where it will see a lot of foot traffic. For built up commercial roof installation in Austin, TX, Direct Roofing Inc is the roofing company to contact at (512) 900-4655.

What is a Built Up Roof?

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Built Up Roofs Are The Cheapest Commercial Roofing System Available

The name “built up roof” is derived from the installation process these roofs undergo. Layers of tar and fiberglass asphalt shingles are continuously stacked on top of each other until a thick multilayered roof is achieved. The thickness makes it hard for weather, sun, animals, and fungi to then penetrate all the way through to the bottom membrane and leak through into the building. Benefits of the tar and asphalt roof are that they are fire and chemical resistant, and the multiple layers create a thick base that can support a lot of weight.

Gravel is placed over the built up roof, and can sometimes clog gutters, so precautions and maintenance are needed there. A downside to built up roofing is that none of the materials are recyclable. So when it comes time for a new roof, the entire old roof must be removed and dumped in a landfill, as none of the original roof can be reused, increasing landfill waste.

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Having a secure roof for your commercial property is important. No matter if you are needing it to provide shelter for tenants or customers, or control industrial or mechanical fumes, there is a commercial roof that is right for you. Direct Roofing Inc can help you with both replacement and installation of entire commercial roofs. We have a wide variety of commercial roofs to choose from, and our expert roofers can provide any roofing assistance and knowledge that you need. Call us at (512) 900-4655 for commercial roof installation in Austin, TX today.