Foam Roofing in Austin, TX

Considered one of the best cool roofing systems available, foam roofing is a long-lasting roofing system that is available for commercial flat roofs. This budget friendly roofing system pays for itself in as little as 5 years after its installation, and will require no maintenance during its 50 year lifespan! To have your foam roof last even longer, just get the protective top coating reapplied every 15 years or so for only a few hundred dollars. If you are interested in getting foam roofing for your Austin, TX commercial building, call the roofers at Direct Roofing Inc at (512) 900-4655 today.

How Does Foam Roofing Work?

spray foam gun applies foam to roof

Spray Foam Roofs Are Lightweight and Long Lasting When Properly Installed

Similar to single ply roofing, foam is a thin yet durable roofing system. Called polyurethane foam roofing or spray polyurethane foam roofing (SPF), this roofing material has become popular over the last decades for flat roofs. The way a foam roof works is that a liquid concoction of Isocyanate and Polyol are released through a sprayer onto a flat commercial roof. When the liquid mixture is exposed to air, bubbles begin to form, causing the insulation mixture to expand to up to 30 times its original size and reach into cracks and curve around raised fixtures to create a seamless coating. Other roofing systems often result in leaks because the material cannot be raised to cover the other parts of the roof like vents and pipes that are not flat. With spray foam roofing, every little crevice is able to be covered as the foam is sprayed into even the smallest of gaps.

Spray Foam Roofing Benefits


Foam roofing dries into a seamless coating. This not only withstands water, but oxygen as well, a feat that other “seamless” roofs like mechanical lock metal can’t do. With the foam not having any seams for cracks to form, this prevents the roof from cracking or water and insects from being able to invade the roof. An additional roofing coating is painted or sprayed on top of the foam roofing as an extra layer of protection to help stop weather and foot traffic damages. The protective roof coating is made of the same chemicals found in elastomeric single ply roofing systems to provide weather exposure resistance.

Energy Efficient

white foam roof

Foam Roofs Are Highly Reflective, Helping To Cool Down Buildings and Lower Energy Bills

Foam is white, therefore making it a great insulator and reflector from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Because of this reason, foam roofing is most used in extremely hot areas like the Southwest like Arizona. By having the heat reflected from roofs, buildings are cooler, helping to reduce energy bills every year by up to 30%. Foam is also commonly used as a form of insulation inside walls and attics, similar to drywall. So having your entire roof covered in this insulating material will help you see significant energy savings, as it will release hot air in hot weather and store it in cold weather.


Only one layer is needed with foam roof installation, compared to the multiple layers required for shingle and built up roofing. This helps to make your roof much lighter, reducing stress on your building and needs for foundation repairs in the future. One-layer applications also mean quicker installation times, helping to reduce labor fees as well.

How To Take Care of an SPF Roof

Because one of the fundamental purposes of a foam roof is having a lightweight material, your polyurethane foam roofing therefore cannot hold a lot of weight itself. Where with heavier flat roofing systems like modified bitumen, built up, and metal roofs, you can have hundreds of pounds of weight on your roof without risk of collapse, there is a possibility of that happening with foam. Avoid putting heavy equipment like multiple HVAC units, furniture, or building decks on top of your spray polyurethane foam roofing to decrease chances of this happening. Your foam roof is able to endure the weight of foot traffic for maintenance, but can be punctured, so precautions like soft soled shoes should be taken.

Foam Roof Repair and Installation Experts

Foam roof installation can continue to last for over two decades when installed correctly, and this lightweight roof solution requires almost no maintenance. Foam roofing can only be applied during limited installation windows. This is because outside temperatures, weather, and humidity all have to be balanced in order to prevent the chemicals in the foam from blistering and failing to adhere correctly when drying. That is why it is crucial to only seek licensed and bonded professional roofing companies like Direct Roofing Inc that have years of experience in foam roofs and are trained to expertly install it. When properly installed, spray foam roofing could last 50 years, with only minimal maintenance like reapplication of the elastomeric top coat being touched up every 10 to 15 years. To get your foam roofing in Austin, TX installed today, call (512) 900-4655.