Commercial Roof Repair in Austin, TX

There are so many different ways a commercial roof could get damaged. From old age to constant sun exposure to massive leaks, your roof is always vulnerable to damage. While correct installation and proper maintenance definitely help, there will come a time when you will need commercial roof repair. When that happens, only rely on the best roof repair company in the area: Direct Roofing Inc. For roof repair in Austin, TX at a fair price, call us at (512) 900-4655.

Commercial Roof Repair

While there may be different types of commercial roofs, they oftentimes have the same type of damages. Knowing how to spot these damages and how to prevent them can help save you money and the need for a roof repair service. Common signs that you need commercial roof repair are:


roofer repairs commercial modified bitumen roof

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Most commercial buildings have flat roofing systems, so when it rains, there is nowhere for the water to drain off to. This results in the rainwater just pooling on the rooftop until it begins to leak through to the inside of the building. You can deter leaks from happening by upgrading to stronger roofing systems that don’t allow rainwater to penetrate the surface of the roof. The best flat roofing systems are seamless and waterproof like single ply membranes, with an extra water resistant roof coating applied on top.


Metal corrodes as it is exposed to the elements over time. Too much rusting of the metal causes it to become brittle and affects the integrity of the roofing system. The deterioration also hinders its energy efficiency and allows for water to seep through the corroded parts.

Increased Energy Bills

Most commercial flat roofs are designed to have strong reflective coatings to help deflect the sun’s powerful rays. This coating helps to insulate and cool the roof and the building. If you notice that your energy bills are suddenly increasing, this could be a sign that your roof coating has worn off and is time for a recoating, or that something has punctured the protective coating, allowing the UV rays to get through.

Gaps in Seams

Single ply roofs and many other types of flat roofs use a rubber membrane as the primary roofing system. Coming in a roll, strips of the rubber roll are melted down to form a seamless layer. If over time, you notice that the strips are separating, you need to get roof repair right away as water and other debris are able to slip through the cracks in the seams.

  • Flat Roof Repair The most common damages to a flat roof are from sun and water.
  • Roof Leak Repair Water damage can cause holes or mold, and if not repaired quickly enough, can result in needing your entire roof replaced.
  • Emergency Roofing Sometimes your roof repair needs to be attended to immediately, which is why we provide emergency roofing services.

Roof Storm Damage Repair

Types of Storm Damage

holes in siding from hail

Storm Damaged Roofs Need To Be Repaired Quickly

Hail: Hail damage roof repair is the most common call roofers get for storm damage, as it is the most noticeable and detrimental. Large chunks of ice falling at rapid speeds hitting your roof are bound to cause some destruction! Commercial roofs can experience large dents or tears in the membrane from hail damage.

Wind: Wind may not seem so dangerous, but when it reaches tornado or hurricane-level speeds, it can wreak havoc. Loosened flashing, rips or tears in membranes, blown off shingles, and roofing debris in gutters are all signs of wind damage. Roof wind damage repair can even entail removing trees from roofs in emergency situations, as well!

Snow: When snow becomes too heavy on a roof, it can cause the roofing system to collapse. Leaks can also occur as the water melts. Phenomenons called “ice dams” occur when water freezes as it is dripping off the edge of the roof in the shape of icicles. While pretty, this actually can cause wood rot in the soffit.

Rain: From gutter overflow to water ponding, rain is another main culprit in the constant calls for roof storm damage repair as it frequently leads to leaks. Constant rainfall does not give your roofing membrane a chance to dry out, resulting in mold growth or holes.

Roof Restoration Service

Flat Roof Repair

roofer applies roof coating to commercial roof

Applying Restorative Coatings Over Roofs Help Repair Cracks and Make Them Last Longer

Flat roofs like single ply and foam usually have protective roof coatings applied over their roofing systems. This not only helps to extend the life of the roof, but makes it easier when it comes time for repairs. In a process called roof restoration, all that is required for this type of roof repair is reapplication of the protective top coating. If the flat roof cracks, applying the roof coating on top seals up any gaps to create a once-again seamless roof. Very rarely will full rubber roof repair be needed unless the membrane has cracked or warped.

Foam roof repair happens a little more frequently as the foam roofing is more lightweight and can’t handle as heavy of foot traffic as single ply membranes can. The foam roof can be broken if too heavy a foot steps on it, but foam roof repair is quick and affordable. The same type of roof coating is used for foam roof repair.

Reliable Roof Repair Service

When you call Direct Roofing Inc at (512) 900-4655 for roof repair in Austin, TX, you are guaranteed quality service. Our roofers go above and beyond a typical roof repair service and ensure that your roof is safe and durable. For instance, if you call us for roof storm damage, we will send a roof repair contractor to not only repair your roof, but also help you file your hail damage roof repair insurance claim! The job of a roof is to provide shelter; and as our jobs as roofers, we are going to make sure that is what it is doing. We provide storm damage repair for all roofing types.