Emergency Roofing in Austin, TX

Most people think of emergency roof repairs as only being qualified as storm damage. While these are the most common and urgent repairs that are needed, anything that makes you feel unsafe and that needs attending to right away can be classified as emergency roof repair. Only certain roofing companies offer emergency roofing service as it requires their roofing contractors to be available at all times. Because of this, emergency roof repair service fees are higher since the work is outside normal business hours. With the higher fee, you are guaranteed peace of mind that your roof is fixed right away whenever you need it. This includes at all hours of the night, weekends, and holidays.

Direct Roofing Inc‘s Emergency Relief Response Team is here for you when you need us, whether that means repairing your roof after a natural disaster, or from vandalism. With over 10 years of experience providing emergency roofing repair, we are quick and knowledgeable, even providing additional benefits like catastrophic damage assessment help. If you need emergency roof repair in Austin, TX, don’t hesitate to call Direct Roofing Inc at (512) 900-4655 today.

What Causes the Need For Emergency Roof Repair?


Sudden increases in birds, squirrels, woodpeckers, rats, or raccoons around your home or roof can be an indication that these animals have made a nest inside your roofing. Birds and squirrels in particular love to use the soffit, which is the siding found on the underside of the roof, as places to house their young. Look for holes, animal dropping, or nests made out of twigs and leaves around the edges of your roof.


roof damaged from a fallen tree

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Hail does a lot of damage. These balls of ice can knock off shingles, create dents and holes in the roof, or damage flashing. While a dent in your roof may not look serious, it could result in sagging areas of your roof where water has been able to get inside, leading to structural damage to the integrity of the roof. Getting a roofing inspection or emergency roof repair after a hail storm is highly recommended.


Strong winds of 50 mph or more can do serious damage to a weak roof. Big gusts of wind can rip loose shingles, leaving the roof exposed for holes and leaks to easily occur. For commercial roofs, strong winds can tear loose the seams of a roofing membrane, allowing debris and water to get inside.


When ice falls on top of a rooftop, it is pretty to look at. That is, until the roofing caves in from the heavy weight of the ice! Or the melting snowfall could result in leaky roofs in your roofing membrane. The biggest threat of snow to roofing is called ice dams, which is where the melted snowfall freezes again to create icilies. In the process of ice dams and icicles being formed, the melted ice is able to get under loose shingles. The water then freezes and expands, causing the shingles to crack and break, leaving the roof vulnerable with holes that allow leaks to occur.


Rain is a common culprit in emergency roof repair services. Too much rain too quickly doesn’t give the roof time to dry out, resulting in the wood decking beneath the roofing membrane to rot. This creates a hole that allows water to seep through. Leaks are prevalent in flat commercial roofs as the water has nowhere to drain and instead just pools there until it leaks. Sometimes lightning can also cause emergency roof leak repair as a direct lightning strike to the roof can create a substantial hole and allow rain inside during the storm.


If a large fire starts inside, it needs to escape, rising into the air until it reaches the roof. This results in the roof burning partially or all the way to let the flames out. If your commercial building has experienced a fire and the property is still salvageable, you definitely need emergency roof repair in order to cover the exposed hole.

What Classifies as Emergency Roof Repair?

Missing Shingles

roof caved in and needing emergency repair

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If you have missing shingles, this means that substantial damage has been happening to your roof for some time already. Shingles are relatively strong and are meant to last through storms for up to 20 years. If they have been blown off before their time, they have become weakened and loosened by seriously powerful weather, meaning that other damages around your roof are likely.


Having trees in your yard provides many benefits such as shade, aesthetics, and a natural playground. But when the tree is too close to a home or the limbs are too close to a roof, this makes it very easy for the tree to puncture a roof. Rot, age, or strong winds can blow the tree over or knock a limb down, puncturing the roof.

Leaks and Holes

If you have a leak in your roof, you have a hole. Holes leave your roof vulnerable to all kinds of additional destruction. Wind, rain, and animals are able to enter your roof much easier than before with a hole already available, and the perforation will only continue to get bigger the longer it goes unrepaired.

Get Your Roof Repaired Today

Depending on how your roof was damaged and how quickly you get it repaired, you may be able to file an insurance claim and have your emergency roof repair covered by your insurance! Disasters like hail storms and fire will oftentimes be covered by your insurance. Issues like age or neglect that led to holes or leaks in your roof will not. It is important to know what your insurance will and will not cover and to maintain proper care of your roof over the years so you don’t end up spending tons of money out of pocket on emergency roofing services. Should you need emergency roof repair in Austin, TX, Direct Roofing Inc is the company to call at (512) 900-4655.