Flat Roof Repair in Austin, TX

There are many flat roof types to choose from depending on what type of commercial roof you are needing. Other factors like budget, climate, aesthetics, and energy efficiency also come into play when narrowing down your flat roof replacement options. For commercial buildings that have a rooftop deck that sees a lot of foot traffic and weight, a lightweight roof like single ply would not be a good choice. These are some of the considerations that need to be kept in mind when getting flat roof repair or installation. You don’t need to stress about finding the perfect flat roof, as Direct Roofing Inc are here to help. If you are needing flat roof repair in Austin, TX, call (512) 900-4655 and speak to a flat roof specialist today.

Types of Flat Roof Systems

flat roof membrane is warped

Cracks Are a Sign You Need Flat Roof Repair or Replacement

Most commercial roofs are flat or low slope roofs. Because of this shape, commercial roofs require much different roofing systems than sloped roofs. Shingles cannot be used on flat roofs due to their weight and tendency to result in leaks. As leaks are a flat roof’s greatest threat, materials have to be seamless or waterproof in order to prevent water damage. Roofing systems that are the best at preventing water damage in flat roofs are single ply, green and cool roofs, built up, and modified bitumen. Metal and other industrial roofing systems are primarily used on commercial roofs that have low slope or sloped roofs.

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs encompass a lot of flat roof systems. If a flat roof has great reflectivity, is environmentally friendly, and provides energy efficiency, then it is most likely classified as a cool roof. Examples of this include all forms of single ply roofs, green roofing systems with vegetation, metal, and solar roofs. To an extent, built up and modified bitumen roofs provide some energy efficiency, but their materials are not environmentally friendly and not nearly as reflective as other systems.

Built Up & Modified Bitumen Roofs

The first flat roofing system, built up roofs have been around since the 1800s. Made of a mixture of tar, asphalt shingles, and gravel, these thick and durable roofing systems are best for roofs that need to support a lot of weight, like rooftop decks and patios. Unfortunately, built up roofs are also extremely heavy themselves, weighing down the building’s foundation and aging itself quicker. Made of the melted materials that make up built up roofs, modified bitumen has the durability of a built up roof but at half the weight. The melting process is very messy, smelly, and dangerous, requiring professional installation to avoid injury.

Single Ply Flat Roofs

Now the most popular flat roofing option, single ply membranes are available in a variety of bases. From EPDM roof repair to TPO roof repair, Direct Roofing Inc’s roofers are experts in the installation and repair of every single ply membrane on the market. You will rarely need rubber roof repair though, as these roofs last 20 years, and can be restored with roof coatings before needing full Austin, TX flat roof repair and replacements.

Common Flat Roof Problems

water ponding on flat roof

Water Ponding and Leaks Are the Most Common Form Of Flat Roof Leak Repair

Leaks: When it rains, the water is able to slide off the sloped roofs. That doesn’t happen with flat roofs, as the entire surface is flat, leaving no place for water to drain. This results in water staying in one place on the roof and continuing to build up in a process called water ponding. When the water pools too much and becomes too heavy, it will start to leak through the roof’s membrane into the ceiling of the building below. This results in holes, mold, and other water damage. Flat roof leak repair is the most common flat roof repair call roofers get for commercial flat roofing.

Cracks: Pressure, weight, and age can cause your single ply roof’s membrane to crack. Shifts in your building’s foundation can also cause your roof to crack as the seamless membrane is disturbed. Cracks in the membrane allow water to get inside, resulting in water damage.

Alligatoring: If your roof is looking wrinkly, it is a clear indicator that your roof needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Just like skin loses its elasticity as we age, the same happens to single ply membranes and asphalt roofs. Cracks and bubbles in your roof’s surface that give it the appearance of the skin of an alligator mean that your roof has reached its maximum lifespan and needs replacing.

Flat Roof Repair Experts

Taking care of your commercial roof is key for having it endure as long as possible. Maintenance can be as easy as getting a yearly roof inspection to check for hidden damages like leaks. If leaks are reported in the inspection, get commercial flat roofing repair quickly to ensure that your roofing system stays up to code and that everyone in your building is protected. It is much cheaper to pay for the occasional minor repair than having to pay for an entire roof replacement because you did not keep up with your roof inspections and maintenance. To help stop future leaks from occurring, get a restorative roof coating painted over your existing flat roofing. For flat roof repair in Austin, TX, you can rely on Direct Roofing Inc for superior service. Contact our flat roofing contractors at (512) 900-4655 to book an appointment for flat roof installation today.