Roof Leak Repair in Austin, TX

Water damage is a serious concern to keep an eye out for, as it can cause your roof to leak, get mold, have punctures, and other damages like exposed roofing. A lot of people not even aware their roofing system has a leak until they notice signs of water damage on their ceilings, which by then means the leaky roof destruction is serious. This calls for emergency roofing repair service using roof leak detection equipment. For quality roof leak repair services in Austin, TX, contact Direct Roofing Inc at (512) 900-4655 to set up an appointment now.

What Causes a Roof Leak?


Severe weather oftentimes is the main culprit of a roof leak. When a powerful storm rolls through, heavy winds, rain, or hail can cause a lot of damage to a roof. Wind speeds of 100 mph or more can rip shingles or tiles right off their places on the roof! Hail can dent your metal or shingle roofs, or even cause some shingles to be completely blown off. Both of these result in potential holes in your roof, making you need metal roof leak repair. Continual rain storms don’t give a chance for your roofing membrane to be able to dry out, resulting in mold and algae growth or deterioration and holes. Storm damage leave your roof exposed to future damages being able to occur.


water pouring through hole in roof

Holes in Your Roof Allow Water Damage To Occur Very Easily

Every roofing system has a maximum lifespan. Just like how your body wears out as it gets older, so do roofs. The systems expand and contract over the years from temperature fluctuations, foundation shifts, and repairs. All this movement causes the roofing materials to turn brittle and flimsy, making them lose their durability and crack.

Loose Flashing

Flashing is a vital but oft-forgotten about part of a roofing system. It covers the raised parts of a roof that the regular roofing material cannot bend to cover, like chimneys, pipes, vents, and roof edges. Flashing must be properly sealed and seamless to prevent any water from getting into the exposed areas it is covering. Since most of the time, a commercial roofing system is seamless, the area that flashing is covered will be the area that leaks if the flashing becomes compromised.

Clogged Gutters

While tons of leaves in your gutters may not seem like such a big deal, over time, they can be one of the causes of you needing emergency roof leak repair. Built up leaves in your gutters impedes the flow of rainwater until it ponds and overflows onto your roof, resulting in leaks.


Skylights provide many benefits to a home or business, but are also often the cause of leaks, as well. The flashing around the base of the window can dry out or crack over time, allowing water to seep through. Also, the glass can crack, which is another way that drops of water can leak through to the roofing membrane.

Signs of a Roof Leak

Water Stains

Dark colored spots on ceilings and walls are called water stains. This happens when water damage has impeded your roof and reached all the way to the interior of the building. This is a major sign that you need emergency roof repair.


water stains on ceiling

Call Us Today For Roof Leak Repair

If every morning, you enter your commercial building and see fresh puddles of water on the floor, you have a leak. While you may not see the leak dripping from the ceiling, you need to call for emergency roof repair as the hole has already gotten big enough that water has been able to impede the inside of the building.

Algae Growth

Fungi grows in moist environments, and if your roof is always wet, that is a prime breeding spot for bacteria. Look for signs of algae growth on the outside of your building, and be sure to check the inside for mold and mildew growth as well, as this fungus type causes illness. A foul rotten egg smell can alert you to signs that you have mold growth that needs to be removed right away.

Higher Energy Bills

Spikes in your energy bill can also alert you to roof damage. Holes in your roof will cause your HVAC units to waste more energy as air is being sucked out. The air conditioning units are therefore forced to use more energy trying to replace it. Also, if leaks are dripping onto insulation in your building, it is causing your building to lose heat and insulation, also forcing your HVAC units to work harder to replace the warmth.

Visible Damage to The Roof

The best way to tell if you will need emergency roof repair is actually taking a look at your roof and checking for damage. Inspect for signs of water ponding, loose flashing, flat roof membranes cracks, tears, or holes in roofing materials.

Quality Emergency Roof Leak Repair Service

No matter what is wrong with your roof, Direct Roofing Inc is the company to call when you need emergency roof repair service. If your roof is not at its prime, you are not only wasting tons of energy, but are putting your occupants at risk. Whether it is a small emergency roofing service that is needed like patching a roof leak to large scale services like storm damage roof replacement, our team is here to help! Call us at (512) 900-4655 for roof leak repair in Austin, TX today.