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Direct Roofing is highly trained in;


-Flat Roof systems like TPO, PVC and Modified Bitumen

- Metal Roof systems like Standing Seam Metal Roofs.

- Architectural wall panels

- Commercial Gutters, Downspouts and  Awnings


An overview of our services:

  • COMMERCIAL ROOF REPLACMENT - Tear off and replacement of your complete roof system. Mindful of code requirements and the operating business beneath the roof, we approach each project systematically to ensure all bases are covered. Our team includes a full time Project Manager who works with the client on site to ensure the best roofing experience.
  • COMMERICAL ROOF REPAIR - Proper repair of your specific type of roof system with the proper materials and method. We account for warranty compliance in our repairs several ways to ensure no material warranty is voided. 
  • LEAK DETECTION - It is common to assume that a dripping ceiling means the roof is the problem. Our infared trained staff quickly finds the source of the leak, roof related or not, saving you time, money and stress. 
  • SYSTEM DESIGN SPECIFICATION - When obtaining bids, it is crucial to get apples to apples bids to compare. To do so, a Specification should be offered to the bidding contractors, saving confusion and time. 
  • INFRARED MOISTURE SURVEYS - Did you know that you can overlay or coat a roof and save money? However, it is absolutely critical that any wet, old roofing be identified and removed prior to overlaying. Not doing so will void any warranty if issues arise. Direct Roofing offers Drone acquired infrared surveys that make the task easy and at no extra charge when purchasing a roof from Direct Roofing. 
  • ANNUAL MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS - Maintaining a commercial roof from leaf debris and damage caused by HVAC technicians is not easy. Furthermore, a new roof's warranty requires proof of that maintenance. Direct Roofing makes that easy and affordable and also stores all of your inspection data in our own database for later retrieval. 

Call Direct Roofing at 877-201-7040 or "" for a Free Inspection today.


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Did You Know

Did you know you can get the equivalent of an X-Ray of your roof to see it's overall health? Drone captured infrared moisture scans are just one reason to call Direct Roofing today! 877-201-7040 or ""


Business Owners

Now is the time to protect your investment. Contact our office to see how we can help you save by becoming our partner on your roofing project.


Real Estate Agents

Do you have a client who is buying or selling a property and need a roofing inspection report? Contact our office to set up an appointmet so we can help.


Catostrophic Damage Claims

Hit by hail?? wind?? Getting the runaround about your damage. Give us a call and we will help make you "Whole" again. Honest help with your Insurance Company.

Roofing News

COVID-19 has caused for 2020 to be a unique year with unique challenges. Please continue to maintain social distance and always wear a mask when around other people. 


Direct Roofing, Inc staff is trained to inspect safely and conscientiously.

So call us today for a commercial roofing estimate in Austin, San Antonio, Waco, Temple, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Marcos, Killeen, Bastrop or Houston Texas.


Ask about our Annual Maintenance Programs available designed to keep your commercial roof in shape and warranty in compliance. 


Flat roofs, whether TPO, PVC or Built Up Roofing, all need to be inspected at least two times a year. Details on the roof often need servicing and an inspection for hail damage or wind damage is best handled when identified quickly. Direct Roofing now also offers infrared moisture scans of your flat roof to identify leaks that are causing damage to your flat roof that can not be seen with the naked eye. 


Call Direct Roofing and see why so many companies have trusted us with the roof over their heads!



The Direct Roofing Team.







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