What is Elastomeric Roof Coating?

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Does Roof Coating Stop Leaks?

Elastomeric roof coating is an excellent option for homeowners looking for a practical solution for roof leaks. Elastomeric roof coating is a process whereby a plastic coating, usually made of polymeric products (including acrylic and white pigments like titanium dioxide), are used to seal roof leaks. Elastomeric roof coatings can be applied throughout the year, regardless of season, due to the reflexivity of the product.

What is the Best Elastomeric Roof Coating?

There are four main types of elastomeric roof coating. The first is butyl, which is the best option for flat roof repair, and low-sloping roofs. Butyl has a very superior water pounding resistance, and acts as a vapor barrier. The second is acrylic, which is the best for over-sloped roofs. Acrylic is more popular than butyl because it is more environmentally friendly, and long-lasting. The third is polyurethane, which is best for EPDM rubber roofs. The coating doesn’t require high PH rinses, and can also be used on modified bitumen and single ply roofs.The final main type of elastomeric roof coating is silicone.

Silicone coating is the best coating for polyurethane foam roofs. Silicone coating is very effective for repairing weathering. The elastomeric roof coating is also good for recoating roofs that already have silicone coatings.

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Is Elastomeric Roof Coating Waterproof?

If you have a low-slope commercial roof, there is a high probability that you have roof equipment on your roof, ranging from HVAC or air-conditioning systems, drains, pipes and more. The area around this equipment will need to be waterproof, and elastomeric roof coatings resolve these issues quickly and easily. Elastomeric roof coatings are fluid applied, and often sprayed. They create a monolithic, seamless roof membrane across the entire roof membrane– even around roof top equipment. As the coating dries, the ingredients bond together, creating a seamless, fully custom tailored roofing system to meet each and every need, including waterproofing.

While you’re considering options for your exterior, deck staining is a water-resistant option for your deck.

Can Elastomeric Roof Coating be Painted?

Elastomeric roof coating can be painted. Before painting your roof, remove debris. This should be done in a methodical way. Pick up large branches and other debris by hand, the sweep the roof to remove leaves, sticks, and other small objects. Pressure wash the surface using a detergent solution and water. Once the roof is clean and dry, seal the seams of your roof with liquid rubber. Protect the seams of your roof with seam tape (available from any rubber roofing supplier).

With regard to the type of paint, the EPDM Roofing Association recommends choosing an acrylic coating specifically designed for rubber roofing. They caution that you can use latex paint to cover a rubber roof, but only if you confirm with the manufacturer that the paint won’t interact negatively with the materials in your roof.

What is Elastomeric Roof Coating Used For?

With its status as an elastic coating, elastomeric roof coating can be used for a variety of roof applications. Elastomeric roof coating can be used to protect and seal the underlying roof material, help stop and prevent leaks, and limit future weathering. Some coatings are even designed to cool the building. As elastic polymer roof texture, elastomeric roof coatings move with the structure of your roof, rather than remaining rigid, and thus are more forgiving than other roof textures.

Elastomeric Roof Coating Pros and Cons

It is necessary to weigh the pros and cons of any roofing material, thus ensuring that you have relevant information and can make informed choices.


  • Elastomeric coatings apply like paint, but contain more solids, which give these coatings more flexibility and durability than traditional exterior paint. Fun fact: elastomeric coating was originally formulated to protect stucco.
  • Elastomeric coating has the ability to stretch 150-400%, making it an incredibly elastic sealant for roofs.
  • Longer life= fewer applications of elastomeric coating for your roof.


  • Any breach in the coating, however small, can lead to moisture getting to your roof. Prevent trapping any moisture underneath the elastomeric coating, as it can lead to decay, mold growth, and further damage.
  • May produce lumps. Wrong application can lead to lumpy and ugly texture.
  • Vague product description. Some products do not specify the required number of coatings.
  • Application of your elastomeric roof coating requires experience.

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Elastomeric Roof Coating Contractors

We at Direct Roofing Inc have elastomeric roofing experts who are trained and able to apply your new elastomeric roof at your convenience. The roof coatings used will be high-grade, introducing the finest improvement and value to your roof, while being affordable.

Can Elastomeric Roof Coating Be Tinted?

Elastomeric roof coatings can be tinted. With a reference sample, such as a paint color chip or a color name and number from your paint manufacturer, batches of tinted coatings can be created and applied. Make sure to order enough coating to finish the entire roof (allow for some waste and overspray).

Elastomeric Roof Coating Installation

The process for installing an elastomeric roof is simple, but always leave it to the professionals. Many brands of roof coating require certified installation specialists to provide full warranty benefits. You will want to make the most of your warranty benefits in case any problems arise with your coating. A proper installation goes far in terms of providing a secure and safe roof for your home or business, and a warranty gives you some measure of insurance when and if a structural problem arises with your roof coating.

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